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Our Story

We are a licensed Cannabis Microbusiness located in Florence Massachusetts that produces small batch, craft cannabis flower for wholesale. Everything is cultivated by hand, in soil, using all natural methods to provide the cleanest, highest quality products possible. The company was founded by a home grower whose product was always considered of the highest quality. During the COVID Pandemic he took on the licensing process while teaming up with another Western Mass grower of a similar mindset to dial in the genetics and overall cultivation process.  With our products now starting to get on shelves, we are just beginning our journey and are excited to bring the highest quality products to consumers.  

Our Strains

Dream Machine

Dream Machine is an indica dominate strain that is a cross between Blueberry and Hindu Kush for great flavor that packs a nighttime punch! This strain is an FCC exclusive! 

Snyder Doodle

Snyder Doodle is an indica dominant strain that combines unique fruity tastes with an OG skunky aroma resulting in a relaxing, euphoric experience.  Snyder Doodle is one of our unique Western Mass strains and is truly home grown art.

Gorilla Glue #22

This is an old favorite of many, so we hunted for the best pheno and here are the results!

White Widow

This spicy and piney smelling strain from Dutch Passion results in a  strong and long-lasting euphoric high that is very energetic in the beginning, followed by a soothing, chillout feeling


"Managable relaxation" is the most accurate description of the Gummiebear effect. This strain has a nice fruity strawberry and sugary citrus tastes and aroma, with earthy lemon citrus added in.

Meet the Team

Chris Rivers (right)
Founder/Director of Operations
Chris has been involved in cannabis since the early 90's as a cultivator, consumer, and medical patient. With an entrepreneurial back-ground and a 20 plus year carrer in tech,, he launched Florence Cannabis Company during the COVID quarintine after learning about the microbusiness license offered in Massachusetts.
Tyler Snyder (left)
Director of Cultivation
Tyler runs all aspects of cultivation. With a strong background in agriculture, Tyler brings over 15 years of cannabis cultivation experience and some unique genetics to the table! Since legalization, Tyler has worked in all phases of commercial cultivation.


Please contact  florencecanco@gmail.com  for wholesale product availability pricing